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Helping You Make Informed Decisions About Your Roofing Assets

These articles, authored by Garland technical experts, are designed to provide you with valuable information on relevant industry topics.

photo of a building envelope wiht exterior energy improvements

Energy Focus on the Building Enclosure

Improvements to the exterior of the building are key in reducing the energy usage of our facilities.
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photo of properly designed metal wall panels provide beauty along with rain and wind uplift protection

Understanding Rainscreen Design

The perfect wall design to defend against the elements of Mother Nature.
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photo of a roof with proper flashing installed

Proper Flashing Specification and Installation

Analysis-driven design is crucial assuring that desired performance outcomes are met.
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photo of a roofing scan

Scan Before You Replace

Non-destructive moisture tests provide valuable information for roofing professionals.
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photo of a building with metal roofing

How Metal Roofing Pays for Itself

A properly installed high-performance metal roof pays for itself through a unique combination of cost-saving benefits.
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photo of a building with properly maintained roof

Buying Time

Virtually everyone understands that a nominal investment in regular oil changes is essential to achieving the warranted service life of their automobile. But when that same concept is applied to roofing, there are a lot of myths out there.
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photo of a building with a new roof

Specifying Service to Ensure Performance

It's long been standard practice for the architects and facility managers of commercial and public properties to specify installation and service requirements when recommending capital investments in complex systems such as HVAC.
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Storm damage to roof photo

Preparing for the Worst

Creating and managing a plan for rapid response to your roofing needs after a natural disaster can be difficult. This article will help you minimize the stress and delays related to post-disaster repair and reconstruction.
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Energy use graphic

Are You LEEDing With the Right Foot?

The USGBC’s LEED® program is the most successful and fastest growing green building movement to date. But there is some confusion in the industry regarding how “green” roofing products contribute to a building’s LEED certification.
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EPDM Roof photo

Catch the Polyurethane Train

Understand how urethane chemistry works so you can identify when and where to use it. Urethanes have become one of the fastest growing segments of rooftop coatings as a result of their strength and performance.
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Public building photo

Delivering the Best Value for Taxpayer Dollars

Facility managers and procurement officials have more delivery options available to them than ever, but determining the best choice for an individual project can be challenging. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of various purchasing options.
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Roofing photo

Energy Audits Are Now Integral to Best Roofing Practice

The roofing market is flooded with “green” solutions that are purported to save energy in one way or another. But what is too frequently overlooked is that the best way to conserve energy with a roofing system is to keep it from leaking.
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Curved metal roofing photo

Engineering Concerns in Metal Roofing

When it comes to designing or specifying commercial metal roofing, understanding the underlying principles of these 10 fundamental metal roofing concerns can help you determine when metal is the best choice and how to achieve a successful metal project.
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Graph of varying cost of capital values graphic

Increasing Your ROI IQ

Calculating and comparing the returns on investment of alternative rooftop solutions is an indispensable first step in choosing the right roof for your facility. Make sure you have the information you need to ask the right questions of your suppliers, so that you can critically analyze life-cycle performance claims.
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Photo series of damaged roof, restoration, restored

No Funds for Replacement, Consider Restoration

When a roof begins to show signs of fatigue or potential failure, it’s easy to assume a replacement is in order. Today’s economy is encouraging many to consider alternative solutions.
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Solar roofing panels photo

The Brightest Light on the Sustainable Horizon

With all the “greenwashing” going on, it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. Learn about the basics of solar technology – the clear front-runner in the race for energy efficiency.
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Building with low-slope roof edges photo

The Importance of Properly Securing Low-Slope Roof Edges

The most common point of failure with most of today’s low-slope commercial roofing is the use of inadequate roof edging systems. Learn how to avoid edging component failure and about the International Building Code requirements for performance testing of edge metal systems.
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Photo of coal tar roof

Thinking Green? Consider Coal Tar Pitch

Coal tar remains a desired and strong source of technology within the roofing industry, as innovative coal tar products significantly reduce associated health hazards and environmental impact.
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Diagram of correctly placed vapor barrier

Vapor Drive

Learn everything a maintenance or design engineer needs to know to keep vapor drive from driving your facility maintenance budget through the roof.
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Photo of building with quality roofing designed to last

What To Ask, For Roofs That Last

For the vast majority of applications, roofing is not a rocket science. Identifying the basic fundamentals of design and then using them as guideposts in selecting your roofing partners will maximize your potential for success.
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