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Learn How to Properly Apply Garland Products

These application videos are designed to provide you with the information you need to properly apply a variety of Garland products and systems.

The purpose of these videos is to introduce product application techniques and process, it is not intended to provide any safety guidelines. Please follow all life and safety rules and regulations as outlined by Building Code and OSHA.

Modified Bitumen

Applying Self-Adhering Modified Bitumen System



Garland Roofing systems that utilize self-adhering modified bitumen are unique and require special attention to ensure a long-term watertight solution. The following video covers installing a self-adhering (self-stick) system. Learn about the base sheet, cap sheet, and flashing details and how to apply them properly.

Hot Applied Modified Bitumen



This application video covers: A brief history of mod bit and Garland's StressPly, considerations for pre-installation, installation tips, and reminders for post-installation of hot applied modified bitumen.

Installing Modified Roof Flashing Details - Series 1



Garland Roofing professionals show how to properly detail a plumbing stack (lead), wall flashings (general), curbs (equipment and roof hatch), and drains (internal and scupper) on a modified bitumen roof system.


R-Mer Edge Fascia



This application video covers: Taking correct measurements, installing the cant dam, installing flashing membranes, and installing fascia cover.

R-Mer Edge Coping



This application video covers: Sizing coping projects, materials, installation tools, and ANSI/SPRI ES-1 installation requirements.

R-Mer Span



This application video covers: R-Mer Span application equipment and materials, safety requirements, shop drawing packet, eave detail, valley detail, installing clips, installing panels, installing seam cap, and mechanically seaming panels


Urethane Waterproofing Membrane for Roof Restoration



This Application Excellence series covers the prep/application/inspection of the highly reflective, single-component, urethane waterproofing membrane White-Stallion Plus.* Used as a restoration coating on single-ply, metal, smooth BUR and modified bitumen roof systems. *Sold as White-Knight Plus in the US.





This application video covers: an overview and general guidelines of the Green-Lock membrane and flashing systems

Installing Liquid Flashing System



Garland Roofing professionals show how to successfully install Garland's Tuff-Flash liquid flashing system on all those tough roofing details that a typical modified membrane has trouble sealing. This educational video will help ensure a successful installation of roofing details, surface preparation and more.