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Increase Your Understanding of the Roofing Industry

Garland has been a long-time approved education provider and offers a comprehensive look at the commercial roofing industry through a variety of AIA and LEED accredited programs.

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Roof Systems Overview Online Presentation

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This presentation will provide an overview of the most common types of roofing systems in the commercial market place today. Along with a brief description, history, and application of each of the systems, the advantages and disadvantages will also be reviewed. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your local Garland representative.

AIA Continuing Education Test

Please view the online presentation before taking this test.

For those wishing to take the AIA Continuing Education Test, please click the link below, and upon completion, please fill out the form and send it to The Garland Company, Inc., for your continuing education credits.

Take the test.

Please contact your local Garland representative to inquire about presentation opportunities for your team.

Garland's AIA Accredited Presentations

An Innovative Approach to Commercial Roofing (099 IAR)
Building Envelope Solutions (1015 BES)
Choosing the Right Roof System (0615 CRS)
Commercial Liquid Waterproofing (011 CLW)
Concrete Flooring Protection Overview (092 CFO)
Cool Roofing Made Simple (037 CO)
Design Applications for Standing Seam Metal Roofs (004 SS)
Design Principles for Rainscreen Wall Systems (0312 RWS)
Devils in the Details (0311 DD)
Engineering Principles of Roofing (0913 EPR)
Fluid Applied Air Barrier Systems (011 AB)
Garland Plant Tour (0311 GPT)
Getting the Most Out of Your Roof Asset (099 PM)
Green Roof Systems (053 GR)
History of Roofing and Risk Management (002 HR)
Limit Liability with Quality Flashing Details (052 FL)
Low Slope Metal Edge System (0211 LS ES1)
Mold Litigation In The Construction Industry (039 ML)
Plaza Decks (0815 PD)
Roof Systems Overview (004 RSO)
Solar Roofing 101 (086 SE)
Sustainable Design Roofing (099 GR)

Garland's LEED Accredited Presentations

Cool Roofing Made Simple
Solar Roofing 101
Sustainable Design Roofing
Green Roof Systems